Thursday, June 14, 2007

Like looking through a lens of madness.

(Note:This post used to contain a picture so graphic, its very existence broke the heart of God. Under pressure from the watchful eyes of the internet, I removed it, in the hopes in may redeem me on my deathbed. Instead here is a picture completely unrelated. The commentary goes on unfiltered.)

Oh shi- !

Holy fucking shit, did you see that? Goddamn…that was effing batshit loco. I didn't even know it could bend at an obtuse angle. Jesus Christ. Oh god. Oh god. How does that even end up like that? It's like he had to turn it sideways post penetration. Fuck me. Shit like this is why I refuse to wear briefs. What kind of depraved madmen…you just don't do things like that with combustibles. Incendiary devices don't belong there. They just don't. Goddammit. Sometimes I wonder about you people. You people are crazy. Fuck this wall. If you need me, I'll be wading knee deep through the blood n00bs in the intertron. I would ask what the hell is wrong with you, but I know it's contagious, so I must take my leave.

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