Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Belated Memoriam: Weekly World News

The print edition of the worlds most ironic check-out line magazine is dead. Long may it live.

This happened like, a few weeks ago, but I was busy living life etc. etc. At least we will still have the web edition.

May Bat Boy rest in peace knowing his wacky hijinks have brought comfort to millions of gullible old people.

Also: Lycanthrope is the "PC" label for Werewolf. Humies like me and, presumably, you, can't use that term, as it is derogatory.

However, there is some controversy over the use of the term "Werewolf" in some Howl songs, as groups such as WWA, or Werewolfs With Attitude, use it frequently. Some critics see it as reclaiming the word, while others believe it perpetuates the stereotype of Moon Kin and denigrates the Lycanthrope population as a whole.

Sarah Silverman has also taken flak for using the word in a comedy routine: "I dated a Werewolf once, but I broke up with him because he wanted me to cut the crap out of his fur. I know! How inconsiderate of him. I mean, how I am supposed to eat his ass without shit clumps to hold on to?"

Oh Sarah! You make me want to vomit out my urethra! Delightful!

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