Thursday, July 12, 2007

Apostate Apotheosis Apologies, and Alliteration

Although I know the three people that read this blog (two of which I'm sure I sat behind in English class, and the other is simply awash in a sea of porn) don't care about my inconsistent updates, the chap that my still-in-progress Lovecraft story is intended for has chided me via email for my tardiness. As an act of redemption, I swear, I will update this damned thing every day of the work week, be it a substantial piece of literature, a brief rant, or just a link to some kickass bands, books, or internet foibles. Also, I swear to get that fucking Lovecraft thing done by next Friday. And if I don't, I will post an embarassing youtube video of my self dressed as a cardboard Galek. Hell, I may do that anyways, cause that sounds gravycore. The fact that anyone enjoyed my bitchings enough to bemoan my lethargy has inspired me to new heights. Internet, I will not dissapoint you. I will give you my everything. I love you. All three of you. I love you so much, that I will post a link to an exclusive video, that through the dark corridors of the interweb, has come in to my possesion. Here is some hot, E3 footage of Fallout 3. And it seems to have changed a lot less than we expected.

I never promised to stop being a dick, did I?

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Anonymous said...

Oh you son of a bitch. I actually thought there would be a Fallout 3 video behind that link. Damn dirty rick rolls.