Thursday, July 12, 2007

You want some 'effin math rock!?

Since my ass won't be by a computer Friday to uphold my newly minted blagging schedule, I'm giving this to you early, as a taste of things to come.

One thing I will focus on from now on is sharing awesome music you probably don't know about. And I'm not talking Sufjan Stevens or Ben Folds indie. I'm talking 'these guys played in my basement' indie. And so, it is my honor to present the first of many music features. And who gets the coveted first spot?

I give you...


Besides being a perfect example of my favorite flavor of math rock, these guys went to my high school, and are the delightful little darlings of my local San Diego music scene. Bringing some sweet succulent art rock that is easy on the ears (and the eyes, ladies) Japandi certainly deserves some sexy attention from anybody into music that kicks ass.

What makes them great is the same thing that will keep them from getting any kind of radio airplay. Shifting and off kilter time signatures, epic non-stop instrumental eccentricities, and melodies that morph from butterflies to beasts will scare off any TGIF customers enjoying their Jalapeno poppers. But you know what? Fuck those guys. Japandi is the kind of music you have to pay attention to, and if you do, you will appreciate an aural innovation you won't get anywhere else.

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